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Finally, the first renderer preview is here ! but before you try it please read below.

First things first, it was made in Java, why ? well, because now you can run this not only on Windows, but also on a Mac, linux or any other platform that have Java.

So, you must be sure you got the lastest version of java installed.

After that, you should be able to run it, extract the files from the zip and run the open2jam.jar file.

I tried to pack as much as I could without complicating things, so there’s a button on the upper left corner to choose the directory with the ojn files, after selecting the folder, it will load all files on the program so you can choose which you wanna see playing, there are hispeed and rank control’s which I think it’s pretty self explanatory, and on the display section you can choose how the renderer window will be, after choosing all that click the “Play!” button and the rendering should start. You can close the rendering window by pressing ESC.

Some warnings:
1. You can’t play it, no really, it’s just to see how the rendering works for you, sound also is lacking now.
2. Resolutions other than 800×600 will make the notes size different from o2jam, that’s because I didn’t made it resize yet.

“Wait a second why are you releasing this if we can’t play ??”
– For 2 reasons, test and test.

Test if the rendering of the notes is as you would expect, if there’s nothing differing from o2jam( off-course there is, where is the question).

Test the rendering speed, on my pc it’s pretty fast +1k fps, but I would like to hear how it goes with other people.

That’s it, now you can download it here and see for yourself.

Concerns ? suggestions ? errors ? post then below and I’ll try to help.
Thank you.



  1. hi! how do you extract music files from .ojm files?

    • hey there!

      that really depends on the type of the OJM, there are various types. But wait, I’m preparing a new post about the OJM’s just like I did for the OJN and there I’ll describe all this.

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