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Hi again !

Today we got some interface improvements ! we have the keyboard and some note effects( the long note flare and the combo counter is still missing), the judgment line and the loading image.

We also now can read practically any OJM !! thanks to codecdakiller which contributed with the algorithm to decode those crazy OMC !!

download: renderer preview 3

known bugs:
* the BPM change timing isn’t quite right, you can see this is songs which have background music and a lot of BPM changes the music will desync. try Fantazindy SHD ( yes THAT fantazindy).

* the judgment line isn’t right now but that not a problem as I will re-write everything when I start listening for keyboard presses instead of auto-playing, so no worries.

* the volume and pan modifiers from the OJN isn’t being used yet.

* no BMS’s for now. damn implementing BMS are being a pain in the *** because they don’t match the OJN format like I wanted to do…


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