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Hello folks !

Finally I got around the keyboard and implemented the key listener ! that means this isn’t just a renderer anymore, and we enter the alpha stage of the project !

New in this release:
* now you can actually play , default keys though, SDF,space,JKL for now.
* skin system working !, if you wanna see how, or mess with it open the jar file like if it where a ZIP, there’s a folder called “resources”, inside it you will see how it works.

what’s missing:
* the combo counter
* the judgment system

download: Alpha 1

PS. in case you are wondering what is the number on the top of the screen, that’s just the FPS counter. =p



  1. Very interesting. Haven’t tested it out yet, but it would be really nice to have a working english player for o2jam songs. I know there’s o2mania, but it seem to be bloated and the judgement system is not the way o2jam works. I’d be willing to help out, if there was anything I could do, but I don’t know perl (I checked your git sources out), and I’ not exactly a good programmer anyway. Either way, I thought I’d let you know that there’s at least one person damned happy your working on this project. I though interest in this stuff was pretty much dead, and any projects like this were about to be completely forgotten.

    • I fell the same as you, the o2jam world is pretty much forgotten now with the exception of the china server and some private’s.. that and the fact o2mania doesn’t seems to want to help none either( they got a self-verification code in the latest version that blocks you from modding it, not that it couldn’t be cracked, anyway), it’s always nice to known that there are people interested in this, thanks for stopping by. (oh, and the project is actually in java, if that makes any difference, I use perl just for the prototyping of new ideas).

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