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Howdy everyone !

The brand new alpha release is here, with a LOT of changes that I can’t even begin to remember, but some of the most important are :

* new song interface

* time judgment – o2jam uses distance judgment, that’s obvious first time we play zl, with the time judgment option the judgment is instead based on the time left to the note cross the line.

* life bar – yes the life bar works, but I’m not sure if the amount of life gain/loss is right, currently it is 1000HP -30 each MISS +2 each COOL which was the most close I could get from what I observed in o2jam.

Also, I strongly recommend to check java for the latest version.

Anyhow, here is the download. enjoy.



  1. I’ve been struggling and I assumed it because I was out of practice, but I tried turning timed judgement off and things felt a lot more natural. From what you said it sounds like timed judgement is different from how o2jam was… why is it on by default?

    • We aren’t sure if that should be default actually, I thought it would be better using the time because most people consider what happens in zl a bug.. but I see the difference is far beyond that..we will probably turn it off then.

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