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Hey there, long time no post, but it all pays off because we got a lot of changes this time !

* music is syncing this time, for real
* now you can change the key config to one of your liking
* we got rings for you to use
* jam counters

Known bugs:
* The lifebar is not quite there yet, I’m working on it.
* the sudden ring will look a bit wrong still.

That’s all I guess, as always, check java for the lastest version.

Happy jamming: download link



One Comment

  1. Heya, just wanted to drop a note (pun not intended) that for the rest of the world that isn’t Korean and doesn’t have access to O2Jam officially anymore that what you’re doing is awesome.

    The game was a big part of my professional career for many years and the fact that people are still big enough fans to undertake a project like this is inspiring.

    (The only hesitation I have is what the official franchise holders would say at this point, but meh, they released our old stuff commercially without permission and changed the credits so…)

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