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It has been more than a year since the last release, but development hasn’t stopped, we have a bunch of new features !

– Sound system changed from OpenAL to FMOD Ex. There should be less audio issues in this release.
– Better support for BMS, OJM and OJN, and SM file formats.
– Partial support for background animations(videos) in BMS files.
– Audio and display latency settings and syncing.
– More accurate calculation of health points, based on the selected difficulty.
– Regul-Speed modifier ( from beatmania).
– Local matching โ€” play open2jam with your friends in LAN.
– BMS exporter.
– Lots of bug fixes.

As always, make sure you have the latest java installed.

Special note for Mac OS X users: You will have to use Java 1.6 for it to work, the good news is that that is the default so unless you have installed a separated version you already got the right one.

Download link

Contributors of this release:



  1. First of all: Great to hear that this is still worked on =)
    Some comments on the new release:
    – autosync works great. Even when having Chrome + a Youtube video open, the notes and BGM are still 100% sync.
    – I’d recommend to set the default BGM volume a little lower (~90%) because when a song has many samples at the same time, the sounds gets a little weird
    – BMS playback works fine, unless the songs use up too much memory (which apparently can happen quickly). I tested a few, it crashed on “Time Files” (386 .png files, 714 .ogg files). Now all that’s missing is an 8key skin! =)
    – Different beats (3/4, 7/4 etc.) work the way they should (unlike in O2Jam and others).
    – As far as I know, in O2Jam you need to have 34 misses on a hard difficulty song to die. It seems that you don’t loose as much HP in open2jam…
    – What’s the “Regul-Speed modifier”? And where do I find it?
    – The “Keys” button near the “Autoplay” label doesn’t seems to do anything (yet?)
    – The OJN->BMS converter works perfectly! Very well done =)

    All in all: Great job guys!

    • Hey there !

      >Iโ€™d recommend to set the default BGM volume a little lower
      yeah, I agree with you it does seems weird, I will look into that.

      >BMS playback
      its indeed better but not finished yet. I also hope to make skins with different keys in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

      >O2jam life bar
      I didn’t knew that. The score is most likely also wrong. Do you happen to know that right values ?

      The “Hi-speed:” label is a combo box actually(easy to miss I guess), you can select the XR o2jam speed there, also the regul-speed and W-speed which changes the speed constantly.

      >The โ€œKeysโ€ button near the โ€œAutoplayโ€
      No idea, I didn’t made that. Thats mrcdk work probably, I will look into it.

      I am glad you liked !
      thank you for the comments.

  2. The health points documents accurately that each miss reduces health by 3%, and from that 34 misses will drain the whole life bar.

    However, in the generalization, I did wrong math. -720 should be -1440, and -120 should be -240.

    I’ll update that when I have time.

  3. One more bug that I found :
    > Pressing “Reload” and the 0% is still won’t move and I can’t click any of the songs that are listed on the selection list.

    Hope you’ll fix it on the next release. . ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hey man this is awesome! Would you be interested in setting up an o2 server with me, I had a server a few year back, with a pretty active community, we had a forum with over 20k posts, before I shut the whole down, because I was too busy. It was called ro2jam. Now im thinking of reviving it by making a new server.

  5. Good . I hope ‘bms2ojn’ will be finished in the next version.

  6. Hi, I’m very interested on getting this to work on my mac. the programme abruptly closes after I click Play.

    • hey there, are you using java 7 by any chance ?

    • hi guys, the same thing happened to me. Ever since i updated my Java to Update 45, now i cannot play anymore. Whenever i press “Play”, a white screen flashes, and the program freezes.. Anybody can help? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. someone help me please ๐Ÿ™‚
    the screen flashes after i press play button and the program freezes
    do you know how to fix this, i’m using Java 7 update 51

  8. Me like. Open2jam timing window system is better than o2mania, but i don’t know why. The skill choosing ability is also better than o2mania. It’s a tricky question if to separate the levels by skill or not. Mania joins them all. I don’t really like it, but i guess in some ways it’s good. Anyway, keep up the good work guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have question if it’s ok. How does the autosync work?

  10. here is chart open2jam has difficulty with:

  11. where to download the songs ?

  12. How to run open2jam? Sorry I am just new to github

  13. i know that i am late, but i try to open the open2jam.jar so many times and fail.. i use java 8 or the latest version…. anybody can help?

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