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This blog is about everything o2jam isn’t, I love this game, but o2jam lacks a lot of things, including a place to play.

Since most of the official servers closed, a lot of private servers started popping out there, but none of them are good enough as the officials servers once was, and like that for various reasons, but most notably the lack of control over the game, even translating the game isn’t complete done, heck what about adding new features ? forget it.

So what to do ? give up ? play dj max ? NO. I’m going the hard way. Let’s remake this game. Yes you read it right, I want to remake it from scratch, open source, so we can have a decent thing to play and modify later the way we want.

And I will keep this place updated with my progress. If you feel like you got the balls to help me, drop me a comment.



  1. Hi! Is there any chance you can fulfill some of these request?

    1. Re-add the O2Jam Ph/My lobby and room music into your game? (or tell me how I can access those music files)

  2. My wife and I just had a brilliant Sunday afternoon thanks to you. Its been years since we’ve played o2jam, but I had carefully backed up my o2jam music folder so once I downloaded your program we were right back into it, pointing out our old favorites to each other.

    You should put up a paypal donation link!

    • Hey there, I’m really glad to hear this, it’s great to know you and your wife found it useful !
      Thanks for stopping by to say this, I will consider the donation link, but your reply alone already made my day !

  3. Interesting project.

  4. Nice project…
    but you work alone?? O__O impressive

  5. You’re suck a great java programmer man!
    I’m also learning from you!

    It works so nice!!
    Thank you, keep going!!

  6. Wow, I’ve seen this just now. Hopefully open2jam is compatible with all Operating Systems.
    Since it’s made in java, I hope I’ll be able to help as well, including the remake of o2jam!!

  7. Hi, I may be interested in helping. I was planning to make an external progress tracker for o2mania in C++, until I found this. I have been thinking about starting up a project like this myself, but I never really found the courage to dig through those ojn and ojm files :p

    So yeah I would like to make a progress tracker that keeps track of personal highscores and has some viewable statistics on progression over time. I may also be interested in making a proper notetool (since the default one is kinda crappy)

    I have quite some experience coding games as hobbyist in C++, even 3D games with DirectX etc. However I’m a bit rusty since I haven’t coded for a while, and my java is probably even more rusty, but I’ll learn fast πŸ™‚

    Mail me πŸ™‚

  8. Hi just wanted to thank you. It’s fucking 2017 and the download link is still up. I just played 2 songs so far but your software seems to work wonders, just like the real thing. I don’t care about ranks, avatars, online match or any other shit, i just wanted a simple offline server ready to go (and to carry with me for eternity, bundled with the song files I have) and this seems to be the one.

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