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It has been more than a year since the last release, but development hasn’t stopped, we have a bunch of new features !

– Sound system changed from OpenAL to FMOD Ex. There should be less audio issues in this release.
– Better support for BMS, OJM and OJN, and SM file formats.
– Partial support for background animations(videos) in BMS files.
– Audio and display latency settings and syncing.
– More accurate calculation of health points, based on the selected difficulty.
– Regul-Speed modifier ( from beatmania).
– Local matching — play open2jam with your friends in LAN.
– BMS exporter.
– Lots of bug fixes.

As always, make sure you have the latest java installed.

Special note for Mac OS X users: You will have to use Java 1.6 for it to work, the good news is that that is the default so unless you have installed a separated version you already got the right one.

Download link

Contributors of this release:


Small update

dtinth warned me recently that there was a bug on Macs, which wouldn’t allow you to play, so if you are using a Mac fear no more ! It should work now.

download: Alpha 6.1

Here we are again ! Alpha 6 !

This time we got:

* new interface (oh my another one) ! Hope this one is clearer.
* hispeed can be changed in-game ( Up/Down arrows)
* XR and W-speed, see below
* most of the options you select are also saved between sessions now
* a bunch of bug fixes everywhere

XR-speed and W-speed
As some may know, the XR speed(4d notes on o2mania) is a mode where each lane have a different random speed, we only made a little change, the speed you choose controls how much faster these lanes will be, that is, instead of being complete random (0.5 ~ 6) they will be closer from the speed you choose, which makes actually possible to play on the mode. IMHO.

The W-speed(speed bat on o2mania) makes the speed of all lanes oscillate in a period of time, this period also varies with the speed selected.

Download here: Alpha 6

Don’t forget to also check java.


Hey there, long time no post, but it all pays off because we got a lot of changes this time !

* music is syncing this time, for real
* now you can change the key config to one of your liking
* we got rings for you to use
* jam counters

Known bugs:
* The lifebar is not quite there yet, I’m working on it.
* the sudden ring will look a bit wrong still.

That’s all I guess, as always, check java for the lastest version.

Happy jamming: download link


Howdy everyone !

The brand new alpha release is here, with a LOT of changes that I can’t even begin to remember, but some of the most important are :

* new song interface

* time judgment – o2jam uses distance judgment, that’s obvious first time we play zl, with the time judgment option the judgment is instead based on the time left to the note cross the line.

* life bar – yes the life bar works, but I’m not sure if the amount of life gain/loss is right, currently it is 1000HP -30 each MISS +2 each COOL which was the most close I could get from what I observed in o2jam.

Also, I strongly recommend to check java for the latest version.

Anyhow, here is the download. enjoy.

Hello all,

finally, here is the new Alpha, although it took more than I wanted to release, we had a lot of changes and fixes since, with the huge help of our friend codecdakiller.

What’s new:

* in game interface
* note counters
* auto-play option
* changing display resolution now works
* more BMS fixes (still work in progress though)
* and I’m probably forgetting something, see for yourself ;D

Download: here.

howdy all,

I finally added the OJM doc, checkout here.


Here we go again ! alpha 2

This time, we got the combo counter working, the judgment is also working though I’m not sure if it’s judging right but it’s working, a lot of bug fixes also, and we can already load some bms onto it ! but be warned that in most of the cases it will get things wrong since I’m still working on it( and no deep folders yet !).

For the next time, I plan on adding the score, together with the hit counters(how much cool/good/etc) and the long note flare animation that I still couldn’t get it right =/

Download: here


Hello folks !

Finally I got around the keyboard and implemented the key listener ! that means this isn’t just a renderer anymore, and we enter the alpha stage of the project !

New in this release:
* now you can actually play , default keys though, SDF,space,JKL for now.
* skin system working !, if you wanna see how, or mess with it open the jar file like if it where a ZIP, there’s a folder called “resources”, inside it you will see how it works.

what’s missing:
* the combo counter
* the judgment system

download: Alpha 1

PS. in case you are wondering what is the number on the top of the screen, that’s just the FPS counter. =p

Hi again !

Today we got some interface improvements ! we have the keyboard and some note effects( the long note flare and the combo counter is still missing), the judgment line and the loading image.

We also now can read practically any OJM !! thanks to codecdakiller which contributed with the algorithm to decode those crazy OMC !!

download: renderer preview 3

known bugs:
* the BPM change timing isn’t quite right, you can see this is songs which have background music and a lot of BPM changes the music will desync. try Fantazindy SHD ( yes THAT fantazindy).

* the judgment line isn’t right now but that not a problem as I will re-write everything when I start listening for keyboard presses instead of auto-playing, so no worries.

* the volume and pan modifiers from the OJN isn’t being used yet.

* no BMS’s for now. damn implementing BMS are being a pain in the *** because they don’t match the OJN format like I wanted to do…